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Whiplash 2009, Race #1 Lake Havasu

For the 2009 season I am running in the senior pro class in whiplash which is age 30+.  I am running #11.

First race of the season was at a new venue for whiplash which is Crazy horse campground in Lake Havasu city. They have been running WORCS races there for a few years. I ran one test lap on Saturday and I knew the race was going to suck for me. The course is a 3.3 mile loop going up, down and around a big pit, right next to the lake. At one point you are about 2 feet from the water, which is pretty unique and interesting. The entire course is whooped out big time and there are many, many tight corners and plenty of deep sand and ruts. Not my type of race. I just hoped to place in the top 5 because I suck at these type of courses.

There were 6 people in my class and we lined up behind a full line of about 20 open pros. 4 of the 6 guys in my class were also new to the senior pro class and one of them came from the open pro class. The gate dropped and the guy next to me got the holeshot on his shiney new KTM.

I was happy to tuck in behind him and pace him for a while. Going into the 3rd corner I was in 3rd and I took the inside line to make a pass then the quad started sliding out a lot, it was then that I remembered that they had just watered the track so I let off and kept the opposite lock on and saved it and tucked back into 3rd. I stayed there for half a lap until passing into second in a deep whoop section.

I stayed in 2nd for about 2 more laps before making the pass for 1st place. It felt good to be leading my first race as a pro but I was getting tired quickly. I was pulling away from the guys I had passed but I noticed that number 66 the ex open pro was catching me a little bit. I ran lap 5 hard and he still was able to catch me so when he caught up to me I made room and let him pass. I could have easily blocked him for the rest of the race but I didn't want to win like that. If someone is faster then I will let them by for the most part. I just hoped I would have something for him at the end of the race.

About this time I was just hoping for death or the end of the race. I was so tired and the course was brutal. I came around and saw that Adam had written 2 more laps on the board and this gave me a burst of energy because I knew the end was in sight. I went hard and caught up to 1st and by the time we came around for the white flag I was on his bumper. Through the infield section I was right behind him but once we hit the rough stuff he pulled away a little. When we came past the pits area for the last time I was right behind him but there was no where to pass. With only 50 yards left I was almost bumping him but I couldn't get around so I finished in 2nd place by 1 second or less.

The course was very challenging and I am happy with my finish and at least I got my entry money back via prize money.

All rights reserved copyright © 2008, race photos by DGP Photography and Lagrand Studios
Contact: Trent Kendall: trelken at gmail.com